Stageline SL100, Sounds Alive Audio-Video
Stageline SL 100 Portable Stage

After careful deliberation, Sounds Alive Audio-Video purchased a Stageline SL100 portable stage in February 2007. We accepted delivery and trained on the stage in April 2007. In May 2007, we used the stage for the first time at McKendree University for their graduation ceremony. We purchased our second SL100 in January 2019. The SL100 is the only all-aluminum mobile unit featuring a fully hydraulic stage set-up. This stage offers a total rigging capacity of 6,500 lb (2,948 kg) and strong enough to raise the roof loaded with 3,800 lb (1,725 kg) of sound, lights, banners and sets. Multiple deck configurations ranging from band-shell to a full professional-sized stage. With the addition of the optional banner package, you may reduce your stage rental cost. Ask us how.
Stageline SL 50, Sounds Alive Audio-Video
Stageline SL 75 Portable Stage

January 2018 - Sounds Alive Audio-Video purchases our second stage. Once again we chose Stageline and their newest model, the SL 75. The all-aluminum mobile stage unit can be set-up in only 60 minutes. This small outdoor 20' x 16' concert stage offers a total roof rigging capacity of 4250 lbs. Sound, lights and banners can be installed. Roof height is 15' from the ground. This stage is perfect for those smaller events that still need a good looking high quality stage. Sell advertising on the stage with the optional banner kit and you can significantly reduce the cost of the rental.


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